Monday, 23 January 2012


Ellowyne got a new 'do' suits her very well.
 Ellowyne arrived the other day.  After I unpacked her, she demanded a day at the spa. 
I cut her eyes out and inset hard glass blue eyes and lashes.  I also gave her new face make up, and wig.
 Beautiful 'new' me for pricing.
 She also received a complete body-up.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Resin Bleuette

This little girl is a resin Bleuette from Ruby Red Gallery.  I love little Bleuette and Her Friends and Family.  If you visit my store, The Doll Lady, Inc....there's a link on this will see some of my other work, many of the dolls that are listed are Bleuette.  It's a fun place to visit.....

 This is her new face-up...I painted her in antique style rather than modern.  I wanted her to reflect the Bleuette era.
I enlarged her eyes a little.  I softened the curves if her lips by smoothing the resin and I defined her lip line a little better.  I also opened her mouth a touch and gave her a slight hint of a smile.
She makes a darling Bleuette friend!

Friday, 6 January 2012

 BJD display with "Eve"...seated in the middle with her new face-up.  Amy is to her left and Coral to her right
 Eve with her new face-up.
Another photo of Eve.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

This is a little 18 inch Shirley Temple doll I just restored.  Unfortunately I forgot to get a photo of her before I started on her.  When she arrived at my studio, she was very, very dirty, her wig was matted terribly and the poor girl didn't have the front part of her toes, ouch.  I cleaned her from head to 'toe',  recreated the front part of each foot and strung her back together.   Then I started worked on her wig, it was gently combed it out and reset it.  She needed an eyebrow, lips and a touch of blush.  Her dress, socks and shoes are new.  Shirley was my customer's mother's childhood doll.  Mom was also going to have her restored, but never did anything about.  So daugther decided having Shirley restored would be a great gift for her at Christmas time.  I totally agree....