Saturday, 20 July 2013


I do believe I'm in big-big trouble.  Recently I've 'birthed' some little girls that I'd like to add my my little family.  Rosette is one and I just started the process of making her.  Aiko...I now have my own...I'll include a photo or two of her.....and then there is Benjamine....I've only recently starting making this little girl....she's Bleuette's baby sister.  She wasn't around very long for reasons that don't matter (to me) any longer.  I'm just glad she's back in Miss Bleu's life....

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Rosette -- Akio and Aiko

Good Evening....It's been really hot around here this summer.  I find myself watering the outside plants more than I normally do.  We've had very little rain lately.  I always worry about the farmers when it doesn't rain.  I thought I post some photos of a new Rosette and my brother and sister team, Akio and Aiko.  Two really sweet kids!  I'll be listing them tomorrow on my website  when my mind is fresh and is proper working order.  Long day....tired brain, but not too tired to show you these some New Kids.....Night all.....

 Akio and Aiko....They are so sweet....quiet and well mannered.

 This is lovely Rosette.  This girl was made from the Byron mold.