Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Well it's the Wednesday before the big eating day....Thanksgiving.......and boy can we Americans eat on Thanksgiving.  We always seem stuff ourselves so full that we usually have to unbutton are pants for relief.  Well, I'm not doing that this year....I'm going to wear something without a waistband!  ;-) 

I took part of the day off yesterday and will do that again today in order to prepare for tomorrow.  Yesterday morning I listed four new girls in my online store and today starts my "Black Friday" sale.  All dolls are 20% off unless otherwise marked.  I've never done a Black Friday Sale before and just thought it might be fun.  Besides the end-of-the-year is just around the corner and I hate counting stuff of year end inventory, so this will work as a double-edge sword....have a sale and reduce inventory.  This morning I'll be packing up dolls for shipment and then over to the Post Office to send them home to their new Moms.  This afternoon I'm going to make some chicken pot pies to freeze...might have one tonight for dinner.  I'll freeze the leftover bones and meat to make good ol' chicken soup....I love chicken soup.  Well that's about it from me today.  Here's a look at those four new listings.  One little girl is new to my Bleuette family....Mein Liebling.  I've made the larger Mein Liebling several times, but not the little girl.  So she's a first and I like her very much.  She is such a pretty little girl.  You will also find "Just Me."  That little girl just tugs at my heart....she always has.  Her little face is so darn cute!  The other two are a new Shandele, which has already been adopted and an Asian Bru.  So take a peek at my online store... and enjoy!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
 Mein Liebling
 Just Me
 Bru Shandele.....yes, she's new, same outfit as the early one, but new doll.
Asian Bru

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Good Morning All...
I've been busy listing several new dolls in my online store.  I've been meaning to list these girls for a long time now and I'm finally getting around to taking all the photos.  It's a big job setting up for a photo shoot for my larger dolls.  I have to move displays, set up backdrops and create a make-shift table to set these girls on.  So last night, after finishing my shoot, I left everything up so I could take addition photos today.  You will find these new listings under Antique and Modern dolls category.   There is a variety of different dolls...all with their own personalities.  From  the always beautiful Daisy to Santa carrying a little baby in his arms...Little Jackie with her big and happy smile to Red Hat Betty will enjoy looking at all these girls.  I hope you will visit on online store and browse my new listings.....and you may find something you can't live with out.  Remember to check back as I will be taking more photos today and entering more listings.   I will be soon announcing a new and exciting dolly program that will run  for the entire year of 2013.  I need to work out a few more details, but you're going to love it!  Stay tuned!  For now, go to and take a trip through The Doll Lady!