Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A new restoration - A Childhood Doll

I just learned today that this little girl's name is Peggy....Peggy is all done and ready to go home.  I replaced her missing eye lashes, gave her new teeth and tongue as well as a new body and hairdo.  Her little dress is from the 40's, I thought it suited her and her sister very well.  Below is Peggy's little sister.  She too was a bit of a mess, but nothing like Peggy.  I repaired quite a bit of her composition too.  There was a little mold problem with her, plus she had a lot of crazing.  Once I had taked care of the mold, I resurfaced some areas, filled in the crazing, sanded her down and repainted her.  She has flirty eyes and sleep-eyes.  The flirty part wasn't working but with a little adjustment she now flirts and sleeps again......she still has that stubborn lazy eye....(darn).....She too has a new body and hairdo.  Diane, I do hope you love Peggy and her Little Sister as much now as you did when you were a child.

Well...lookie-here...She's put back together and looking pretty darn good too even if I do say so myself....She was resurfaced and sanded several times.  I'm pretty sure she's ready to be painted.  Will know that as soon as the primer goes on.  If I don't see any signs of all the paint craze that was on her arms and legs once I apply the primer...she's ready to start painting.   

Time to remove her head from the body.....OH NO!....her head fell apart.  My heart stopped.  I just looked at her in four different pieces.  After the disbelief went away, it was time to go to work.  So I started gluing her back together.  Once I had her together I realized the top of her head was missing.....that was not evident until she fell and apart and I glued her back together.  The fact that a piece was missing from her head was as big of a surprise to me as her falling apart.  Before she fell apart, I thought once I glued things back together the large gap would meet and all would be good...not so.  So here she is with a clamp around her head waiting for the glue to dry.  I have patched the top of her more hole in the head.   Next I'll need to do some sanding to smooth out the glue......when the resurfacing begins......
I thought everyone might like to see what I'll be working on soon.  I must say, this is doll is probably in the worse condition I've ever seen...poor kid!  This lady brought in two of her childhood composition dolls.  I've started on the other already, but thought I'd share the process with this one as she looks so bad.  The back of her head is just about to fall off and her cracking is really bad....but I'll bet she'll be wonderful, once she's done!

Friday, 2 March 2012


Here's a new Ellowyne.....I'm waiting for a dress for her, but I had this and I like it on her and at least she's not naked.  I love her shoes...I remember when I wore shoes like that...everyday of my life.  Now I don't have to and that's a good thing, because I would most likely 'kill' myself walking in them.  Ellowyne will be going up for sale as soon as her other dress arrives.  I will be listing her in my online stores and on Ebay.
Ellowyne has green soft glass eyes, a beautiful strawberry blond human hair wig from Bravot and new face make-up and body blushing by me. 

 Ellowyne loves her little dog, Spanky.