Saturday, 29 September 2012

New Kids on the Block.....

I've been working on these little kids are a while and I finally finished them.....Here they are...all are listed in my online store on The Doll Page/Marketplace if you'd like to see additional photos.
 A 301 Bleuette
 Bru Shandelle
 Arielle Jumeau
 Little Joe on a Bleuette body
 Long Face Jumeau
 Seeley Premiere
 Nordquist Premiere
 SFBJ 60 Bleuette
Tete Jumeau

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Well, it's been a while since I've posted...I've been busy creating and playing with some new faces.  I received my Expression's molds about 2 weeks ago and have been enjoying working on them.  I'm also working on several new Bleuettes that will be introduced very soon.  These little Expression girls work very well with Bleuette.  They can share clothing, shoes and accessories.  They heads also fit the Bleuette body.  I have the porcelain body molds too so you will be able to choose which body you'd like.   Here's a look at these new little girls.....gotta love their faces.  All are currently listed in my online store, Thedollladyinccom at The Doll Page, Marketplace.
 This is Jenny, she is on a porcelain body, has brown eyes and a blond mohair wig.
 This too is Jenny, she is on a Bleuette body.  She has blue eyes and a light brown wig.
 This sweet little face is "Smiling Jenny" she has blue eyes and a pale blond moahir wig.
 Little new found love....Pale blond wigs, blue eyes, porcelain body.
And finally, Emily.  Beautiful green eyes and carrot red moahir wigs.  She too is on a porcelain body.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My new Bo Girls...

The postman arrived with a box from Hawaii.....I had been waiting for that box.  It was from Bo Bergemann!  In side the box was Zoe and Emma, two girls that needed a little make-up.  I do my own face-ups on my BJD's....Since I didn't have a clear picture of how Emma should look....I worked on Zoe first.  I spent two days on "me" projects, which is always enjoyable.  So here's my Zoe and Emma.  Bo's dolls are wonderful, if you've never had the privilege of owning one of her are missing a wonderful experience....