Friday, 17 May 2013

Some new girls....

Well after my kiln disaster the other day...I was still able to put three new girls together.  Fortunately these girls had all their make up on or they would have blistered too.....These three little girls are all listed in my online store.  You may very additional photos of them at They are in Antique Reproductions.
 EJ Jumeau....always lovely

 Long Face Jumeau....just had to try this red wig on her....

 Mein Leibling....what a cutie-pie!

Monday, 13 May 2013

The Trip....

Hubby and I got back last night from our trip to Murphy, North Carolina.  We drove....hubby is not much on flying.  Is was a long trip, over 2100 miles.  My brother, his wife, Liz and the newest addition to the Miller family, Jasmin arrived in Murphy on Tuesday, as did we.  My sister arrived on Thursday.  We were able to meet Liz and Jasmin face to face for the first time.

Norther Carolina was lush and were in bloom, it was really gorgeous.  Here's some photos I took while I was there....
Ocoee Canon and River...near flood stage.  There are 3 Hydro plants along the river, on our return trip the river was down significantly.
This is some of the gardens that surrounded Dad and Shirley's home.  Shirley is a Master Gardener and it shows....their grounds are wonderful and peaceful.   In the bottum photo (although difficult to make out) to the right on the swing is a chicken coop.  Shirley has 3 Guinea hens which keep the bugs down....she also has about 12 or so we had fresh eggs every morning we were there. 

  Below are just some of the flowers that appear in their yard.

The Nottley River runs directly behind Pop's house. 

 So what better place to build a deck?  We spent a lot of hours visiting on this deck.  That's Jerry, Shirley and my Pop.   Shirley was the person that got me interested in doll making.  She stills has molds, kiln, as supplies hanging around just like a good dollmaker.
Pop taking a little snooze on the deck.....he's looks pretty good for 90.
 Shirley and my Rose.....Rose was totally relaxed, can you tell?
 This is my little Rose, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.   Rose is 12 1/2 years old. 

Oh my.....I almost forgot - Mr. Tree.  I have no idea if that's is his name or not....but Mr Tree seems to suit him.
 Jazmin (Jaz), Shirley, Pop, my sister Robin, me and Brother Jack, the family calls him Duke.
And, of course.....Liz!