Saturday, 9 August 2014

A few of my flowers....

Well, things are really quiet right's summer and people have other things on their, family reunions, Back to School....and just general summertime events.  I walk in the morning, do my exercises for my back (which is getting much better, BTW) and working in the flower and vegetable gardens.  Our tomatoes are ripping and we will have an abundance of those as well as cantaloupe's, the bell peppers are sort of crazy this year too.  But it's my flowers that bring me the most joy.  Here's some photos of my petunias this year....and a photo or two of my Passion Flower vine.  I've always loved the Passion Flower.  I remember it from my childhood....I was fascinated by them (still am) when I found some plants this year, I bought them.  In NE the Passion Flower is an annual, but in CA they are a perennial and the vines get really, really big.....ours grew up and over the backyard fence.  The Passion Flower itself, only lasts one day, but it sure is a pretty thing.
 These two are the Passion Flowers....the bloomed about 3 days apart....

 This is my "pink" wall.  I planted Supertunias along the retaining wall this year and the request of Hubby....
They cascade down the wall....They aren't just a pretty 'face' either, they smell really good too.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Spring is working really hard at it's arrival in Nebraska.  We have some warm and sunny days and then we have days like today, grey, cloudy, windy and almost cold.  I do have a some early flowers though...that are always a pleasing sight for me....means warmer days ahead.  I've got most of the flowers planted...still have to do the north side of the house and the pots in front of the studio to finish.  The garden is planted too....we even have a tomato or two set.  This is our first year at the garden...we've put it off because we have many bunnies, but we learned a little secret that gardeners use around here to keep bunnies away from places you don't want them to be......Irish Spring Soap!  I cut the bars in 1/4's then put a piece of soap in sock, or nylon or fabric, whatever you have handy, I use a cut up laundry bag I bought at the store....then tie the fabric off with wire or string.  I hung my pieces about 4 inches above the ground.  It works great!!!  The garden is small this year...want to see how we do before we go nuts....we can always enlarge it next year.  Here's some photos of some of my early flowers...

These are some of my single Columbines.....

This is a double blossom Columbine.  The flower itself is smaller than the single blossom, but it sure is pretty.
 I also tried a Black Petunia this year.....only one, just wanted to see what it looks like with other flowers.  It sure a different Petunia....looks like black velvet up close.  I think once everything else grows up the black Petunia will be a beautiful accent flower.
 Close up of the black Petunia...

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Garden

I've been working on a display in my studio.  First, I had to find several prints that would blend with each other in a 108 inch spand. Let hunt was on!  I went to Hobby Lobby and started pulling different prints and placing them next to each other to make sure they would work well as one back drop.  I had them all lined up so I could step back and take a look.  I'm sure the people at Hobby Lobby weren't all that thrilled, but I put everything back so they didn't say much.  Then I bought foam boards.  Took everything home and glued the prints down on the foam board.  A garden needs to Maynard's for "grass".....Finally I worked over the next couple of weeks adding flowers, swings and little details to make the display come to life.  It turned out wonderful and it makes the perfect photo background for girls that are 14 inches or smaller.  Too fun...Next is "Bea's Cafe."  Bea needs a remodel....after moving a couple of times, it's time to spruce things up at Bea's!

This is the full girls love their many things to see and girls to visit.
 The far left hand side of the display....Marilyn (bru) is located art the far left, Lily is at the fence visiting with Aiko.  Jackie is in the blue dress.  Little Lou stop her bike ride to visit a bit with Yvette...Poko is in the basket on Little Lou's bike.
This is the far right side of the display....Fripon is greeting Lisa May and Kathy is making sure he doesn't jump and stain her dress.
 Middle portion of the display....Charmine (back) is sitting on the garden swing getting ready to eat her apple, while Yvette pets Poko.
 Another view of the right side of the display.
 Ali shows Marilyn her little Googliwog as they discuss whether they should go to lunch at Bea's.
 Lily and Aiko are also trying to decide where to go for lunch.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Busy time.....

Good afternoon all.  Bringing you up-to-date on things at The Doll Lady, Inc. and a bit of our personal life......Jerry and I went to Colorado for Christmas and spent our time visiting with Jerry's brother, Don.  Don is a musician and also does a lot of his own writing and arrangements.  We didn't get to see the deer like we did last year.  The weather cooperated on the way out there and on the way back.  The 24th was my Birthday....I remember when I was a lot....and I mean a lot younger, my Dad told me, "You will reach a time in your life, that your Birthday is just another day."  As a child, I couldn't imagine that to be true, but I have to admit, now that I'm one year shy of going on Medicare....he was right.  It was just another day.  Jerry took me out for breakfast and then we took a drive.  When we returned to Norfolk it was time for dinner and we went to Napole's Italian Restaurant.   The animals were very happy to see us when we got home, especially my little Rose.  She is really showing her age more and more, but she still gets around OK, isn't in pain and knows what time dinner is served.  I sure do love that little dog.  I've been working on some new girls...I'll bet that doesn't surprise you.  Also a little guy, named Alex.  He is really cute.  I put a funky wig on him for something seems to suit him.   He's got a great personality too.  Also took some new photos of Brooke....the last set of photos just didn't do her justice.  She's a very cute little girl but it was hard to tell until these latest photos.  Carrie is another little sweetheart as is Aiko and her brother Akio.  Oh and not to forget Miss Bellette, I've always loved this girl.  She is such a beautiful Jumeau mold.  I also finished my 2014 Valentine's Days Premiere.  Who has already found a home.   You may view additional photos on my website: ---link available on my blog.

 Aiko is wearing a red Suzie Wong style dress, she has a beautiful mohair wig and brown eyes.
 Her brother, Akio had on a two-piece gold and black outfit, mohair wig and dark brown eyes.
 Bellette is her lovely self.  Dark green eyes and an auburn human hair wig.
 One Brooke's new photos....
 This is sweet eyes and a pale blonde mohair wig.
 This is Alex....his sister, Ali is watching him very closely.....
2014 Valentine's Day Premiere was created from the Seeley Premiere mold.