Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Boudoir Doll

Here she is.  She is wearing her temporary wig, couldn't have the lady bald.  I will be making her wig out of mohair and then on to her clothes.
The beginning of her new face....

She now has her first layer of resurfacing.  Most of her composition was loose and had heavy lifting. 
This is how she arrived arrive in my studio.  A bit of a mess.  Her compo was lifting.....
After I started removing her loose compo
This was the side of her face....There must have been mositure that got under she compo, because with very little effort chunks came off.  Once all this stuff came off, she had to dry out so the new resurfacing would stick to the old compo.


  1. cant wait to see the new doll
    candy love fran

  2. Me too Fran...She's coming along. Her first two layers have been applied and sanded. Her third layer has been applied. When that dries I'll sand her again. Then I'll check for areas that may need an additional layer of composition applied. It's a slow process, but fun to watch....she'll be wonderful when I've finished her.

  3. your very clever ,love watching her progress she already looks better love fran