Friday, 13 July 2012

Summer months

Although this has little to do with the doll world, this summer has been busy and hot!  Boy has it been hot. David, eldest son, is on his way across the country with his family.  They are moving from southern CA to!  That will be a big change for everyone.  They are on the road as I write, got out of CA 2 1/2 days behind schedule so they are trying to make up for lost time.  Long days on the road and not much sleep at night.  Jerry and I worry about them, that's about all we can do, because David is just like his father....stubborn as all get-out!  What is a get-out. anyway?  They are planning to be here this evening and will stay for a couple of days before they hit the road again.  Their furniture arrives in Boston on the 18th so they must be there when it arrives. Then David has to fly back to CA on the 20th for a job out there.  David travels all over the place in his job.  I can't believe his schedule, don't think I could do it.  We won't can't to see Raven this trip, as she's in Colorado with her Mom for a bit.  Not seeing Raven saddens me.  Raven is a beautiful young girl in every way and I lovee being around her.  Megan, Chase and the baby will be here though, so we'll still have a house full.   Colleen, David's wife....has got to be pooped.   They will need this short break in the trip to rest and relax before they hit the road again. 

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