Thursday, 18 October 2012

The cat....again!!

Last night as I was sitting in the den, watching Dancing with the Stars that I had recorded from Monday and Tuesday shows.....our cat came in through the pet door.  He was quiet, didn't make his normal announcement..."Hey, I'm here so pay attention to me."  I didn't think much about it.  He had been in the house for about 15 minutes or so, when all of a sudden I catch out of the corner of my eye, what I thought at first to a bat flying around the den.  I jumped up and looked down at the cat who was stretched out on the floor with one paw on this "bat".  I yelled for Jerry...what good I thought that would I have no idea, but at the time, it was a reasonable thing to do.  I yelled a couple more times, then heard the noise of cat running and "bat" flying around the den.  Went back into the den and much to my relief discovered what I thought to be a bat was a bird.  I'm not saying that a live bird in the house is a gret thing, but it's much better than a bat.  There was the cat on the bookcase...stocking the bird.  "Jerry...get in here!"  That yell for help produced Jerry to the rescue, but like the cat and us couldn't find the bird.  There were feathers all over the house, but no bird...I knew he had to be somewhere (duh) and then I spotted the window behind the wooden blinds, sitting there looking at us like we were nuts.  All ended well...the bird was removed from the house by my brave hubby...the cat was upset because his evening snack had disappeared.  So I cleaned up the feathers....sat down to finish me show when the Rose, our Cavelier got sick....That's another story for another day....

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