Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Well, here she is and so sweet too......Benjamine was Bleuette's first sibling. She was introduced in 1926 but her young life came to a short end in 1929 when Gautier-Langereau retired this little sweetheart. Not because she wasn't loved, but another dollmaker had patented the name.

Benjamine is the same size as Bambino, 9 7/8 inches. She is wearing an adorable outfit, suitable for warm or cooler weather. She has a hooded cape, booties and short overalls. Benjamine has beautiful hard glass blue eyes, multi-stroke brows, painted lower lashes and applied upper mohair lashes. She has a short, curly mohair wig from Bravot of France. Benjamine is on a composition baby body.  You can find additonal photos in my online

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