Sunday, 7 April 2013

New website....

After being told on Easter morning that The Marketplace....where I parked my online store was closing...panic was the first order of business.  Once 'panic' settled it's ugly head down, hubby and I went searching for a new home base and I now have a new website.  The web address is old but the store has a new look and a new place to park.  It took me several days to build the basic store and get it up and running, but it's there and it looks wonderful.  (Even if I do say so myself)  I still have work to do in the "supply" category of the store, but everything else is there.  I was able to add a "Gallery" of adopted kids to this store which, so far, seems to be a favorite place to sit and look through photos.  A nice photo feature that people are enjoying is the ability so enlarge the photos...I hope you take a look.....and let me know what you think and don't forgot to click on the photos to see things up close and personal!  Making some new girls...I'll be posting those in the next 10 days.....Later!

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