Friday, 28 June 2013

It's time for a couple of new girls.....

Well to be totally honest, it's only one completely new girl.  You see I had this little 6/0 Bleuette that was a bit of a wallflower....She was very shy, had mousey ash brown hair....and brown eyes.  I had looked at her many a time....she was cute, but she never shouted it out to anyone.  So she and I had a little sit-down and disgust her plight.  I made a little about I send you the Yvette's House of Fashion....she has clothing, shoes....and a beauty salon.  Then I'll send you to the eye doctor, you see a Bleuette eye doctor is special....they can change the color of your eyes.  Well, let me tell you......she was all up for that.  I immediately phoned Yvette and spoke with her...made and appointment for this little Bleuette......"spare no expensive, Yvette....this little girl deserves the best."  Once she was done at Yvette's off she went to the eye doctor.  When she came home I almost didn't recognize her!  Her hair has shine and style, her eyes light up the room and her smile.....she smiles all the time now.  I think little 6/0 Bleuette is very happy with her new look.

Her older sister Rosette is my new girl.  I haven't made a Rosette is so long --- I decided it was time.  Yvette had purchased a beautiful dress from Kay at the Rosebud Collection to add to her Rosette fashion section of her store and that is the exact dress Rosette picked to wear.  It's simply beautiful on her.

Both of these young girls are listed in my online store

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