Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ellowyne (repaint and make-over)

Well, this beautiful girl has been sold....but I'll have another soon....

I'm having more fun with the Wilde Imagination dolls.  Wait until you see Phineas and Theadora....Phineas is all done, but will to show him off when I finish remaking Thea...the two together will be fabulous!

In the meantime...I finished another remake on an Ellowyne girl.  She is just beautiful.  Her one-of-a-kind ball gown was made by Jazzy Fran......she did a beautiful job and Ellowyne looks fabulous in it.  Ellowyne had all her factory make-up and hair removed (ouch!).  I also cut her painted eyes out (ouch again).  Then I repainted her, inset eyes and applied eye lashes and gave her a new pale blond mohair wig.  She is very happy with her new look.  Ellowyne has been listed in my online store, Ebay store and Etsy....

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