Friday, 1 June 2012

The Cat!!

So we have this cat who loves to hunt.  When we lived in MO he would hunt mice, moles and an occasional bird or two, but he really prefer the ground level critters.  Not a problem, he would spend the night outside in the garage...there was a pet door that he could come and go as he pleased.  In the morning we'd let him in the house.  All was well and the food chain worked as it should.  We moved to NE last year, found this house that works perfectly for us, I work in my studio in the lower level apartment and we live upstairs.  We couldn't ask for a better set up.  So the Cat....We have a large lot at our new home, three lots to be exact...there birds everywhere...they can a bit noisy in the morning when you're trying to sleep and squirrels....oh and rabbits, did I mention we have rabbits?  Well, there are lots of rabbits around and rabbits seem to never stop having babies.  So we have lots of little baby bunnies around too....well, not lots and lots....we do have this Cat, you know.  Our home has an underground fence...great for our dog, Rose, great for us too, we don't have to take her outside all the time.  Having an underground fence, means we have pet doors...that means the Cat and the dog go out as they please, but it also means they can come back in at will.  Getting the picture???  When spring arrived in NE so did the baby bunnies and our cat was in seventh heaven....Mom (me) wasn't.  Around Easter the cat brought us an Easter bunny.....a little baby bunny.  Easter, mind you...Easter!  There was this little baby bunny, dead in my Dining Room.  Gurr-r-r-r-r!  The other day Cat brought in two babies at once....both were alive, but one wasn't doing so well.  Jerry picked them both up and took them outside and released them and we locked the cat up in the house for the night.  Yesterday Jerry found the baby that had been injuried had gone on to the big rabbit heaven in the sky, so he picked it up and....well...let's say he sent it on it's way.  The other little bunny was fine, very cold and scared.  I was in my studio working when Jerry walked through the door and asked if I had a little baby bottle for this tiny bunny that was in the yard.  My calling!  I sprung up and went outside with Jerry, he showed me where the bunny was.  He was so tiny, no way was he going to survive the night with Cat around.  So off to Walmart I can see this coming....bought a little gerbal cage, some nesting stuff and rabbit food.  Walmart doesn't carry formula.  After spending around $30.00 for a baby bunny that most likely won't make it, I head home. Jerry very patiently puts the cage together.  Now I know he thinks I'm nuts and he's probably right, but as my sister can attest to, she knows this is a normal thing for me to do.  My heart can't just let that little tiny thing be a play thing for the Cat.  So with the cage all together, I venture outside to find the baby bunny....there it is all scrunched down in the grass, shaking....I pick it up, no arguement from the little guy...take him inside and I put him in the cage.  Well, Cat spies this baby in the cage that's on the kitchen table at the moment.  You could just read his mind.....WOW!  Dinner....Mom and Dad brought me dinner.  Fooled you Cat....I take the cage in the small room off the kitchen and shut the door.  Now, I'm not stupid enough to believe that I have saved this bunny from all harm, but this little thing was exhausted and would have been easy prey for Cat, I just wanted to give him a fighting chance.  For now this little guy is safe and warm and who knows, he might just make it.  I don't have my hopes up too high, but a least he has a better chance than he would if bunny intervention hadn't taken place.  So all is quiet for about an hour or two, when here comes the the house....with another bunny!  Jerry scolds the cat...."Bad Cat!" I hear him that's going to work and takes this dead baby out to the rabbit graveyard.  Off to bed, I slept wonderful, knowing that my little bunny was safe from evil Hunter Cat.  I awoke to the cat on our bed....he's got this smug look about him, what now I think.  I slip on my shoes and take Rose outside....upstairs we come and into the kitchen to make coffee and feed Rose her breakfast....J-E-R-R-Y....your Cat....I've had it with this Cat....I'm tired of him sharing his catch with us!!  This's a bird....a blasted bird!  Foruntately...and I really mean's dead and in about 21 different pieces....all over in dining room floor.  Can you imagine if he would have brought in a live bird in the middle of the night.  I can picture it now....Jerry and I running around the house in the middle of the night trying to catch a bird while the Cat sits back and laughs at us and thinks, "This is what you get for taking my dinner away from me!"  Well, I'm not touching that mess, nope, no way...isn't that why we have husbands?  Jerry cleans everything up, cleans the carpet, vaccums the carpet.  Tonight the pet door will be more hunting at night for Cat.  To bad so sad Cat.


  1. Hahaha Candy I love it the story is so typical of cats I am a cat lover and hae heard so many funny stories about cats.I used to show persians now they cant hunt with there flat faces but if you watch them play they are so funny as play for a cat is hunting and stalking now thats another story all together I have a new Exotic kitten and she stalks me. what we do for the love of a pet and you have done well with your pussy cat .I love your story from one cat lover to another Kay

  2. That story wore me out ,it was very exciting ha!ha!