Wednesday, 1 August 2012

 This little Tete is the prettiest little girl.  The minute I finished her I knew someone would adopt her immediately.  She would have been introduced to the world a lot earlier, but I was a sick girl and she had to wait.  So on the days that I felt OK for a couple of hours at a time I worked on her and the SFJB 60 and Joey below.  Finally the "bug" I had gave up it's fight and went somewhere else.  The three new kids finally were able to meet the world.
 Sweet little girl.  This SFBJ 60 has big blue eyes, they will melt your heart.  She has lots of love to share with her new Maman.  She is a bit talkative, so I must worn you of that, but she is well mannered and loves to share her toys with other girls.

And then there's little Joey.  Joey is a favorite of the girls.  He's quite the flirt and he always has a big smile on his face.  His new Maman will need to keep an eye on him, because he does get into trouble from time to time....he's is a boy after all.

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