Monday, 20 August 2012


Well here's another poor soul that needs help.  This baby is a real mess.  One leg was taped completely together and when I got the layers and layers of tape off, the leg fell apart.  In the glueing process I discovered there were also two portions about the size of a 50 cent piece on either side of the leg totally missing.  The arms were so crazed that I am going to need to resurface the arms entirely.  And then we get to her was split in two, plus the composition on the top of the head was so bad resurfacing will be needed there too...oh there are holes in her head too.  Here she is all apart before I started the resurfacing.

The next photos are after the first layer of resurfacing was applied.  Some of the holes have been filled, but will need more work.  Leg is glued back together, came out great.  Again the holes have been filled....additional work is needed there too.
She's looking pretty good....don't you think?

Well, here she is, looking all pretty and like new.  Her outfit was make for her by her Mama.   I cleaned it up and removed all the stains, then gave it a pressing.  She's very excite to see her Mama again....

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  1. Candy, this doll is precious! I have the very same doll, I was so surprised to see another just like her. My doll's body is in good shape, but her face/head need to be re-worked. I now have hope that something can be done!