Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Good Morning...I'm so excited about this little girl, Isabelle.  I've made several from this mold so far, a couple with a slight tan and some without the tan.  All are so sweet, but one in particular has touched my heart.  She and I are in discussions at the moment...we're trying to decide if she should stay and join my Bleuette Family or move on to another home.   I'm leaning towards staying....she's already decided she's staying.....most likely Isabelle will win out, but I'm standing my ground at the moment. 
This is the little sweetheart that wants to stay with me.  What do you think?  She does love to shop and spend money, which is a concern for me.  If my other girls are ignored, it could be trouble.

 ....but it's her face that I can't seem to resist....
 This is little Isabelle with a tan....she is just a pretty, but she's isn't very fond of the frilly froo-froo dresses.  This is about as dressed up as she like to get. 
Isabelle with a tan enjoys wrestling with her dog, "Pup"....

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