Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Girl's New Dresses....

The other day I received my new "fairy" dresses from Jazzy Fran.  (I love her work!)  So of course, I had to take a little break from pouring to redress Smiling Jenny and Little Joe.  I also gave Isabelle a new 'do'....she's very happy with it and so is her Mama.  Although Smiling Jenny is not one of my personal girls.....she does play with them while she waits for her new mama to come along.   I have been totally swept off my feet with these little girls.  I'm hoping to get a few more molds soon....The girls are thrilled with their new dresses, Fran....once dressed they ran over to Bleuette's Garden to chase butterflies....
 The girls modelling their new dresses....Little Jo was so excited, she forgot to put on her shoes.
This is Isabelle's new hairdo....loose and long....and simply beautiful.

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