Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A trip to Ashfall

Sunday Jerry and I hopped into the car and drove out to the Ashfall Fossil Beds.  It's a fascinating place to visit.  Out there in the middle of nowhere is 350 acres where you'll fine the Ashfall Fossil Beds.  My Mother would have been in 7th heaven, she loved stuff like this.  They are still uncovering fossils today and who knows how long into the future....Jerry and I both wondered why it was called Ashfall Fossil Beds instead of Orchard Fossil Beds....the near by town.  One step into the Visitor's Center answered that question.  10 million years ago a volcano erupted in Idaho.....the ash travel as far east as the what is now New York.  The animals lived in area were the fossils beds are now.   The terrain looked as if this area could have been their watering hole.  Here's some photos, they really don't do this place justice.  It's so massive and there are so many different specimens, it was impossible to capture the scope of Ashfall....

 As I stated...out in the middle of nowhere....It was beautiful there, 360 degree view of the countryside.  This alone was worth the trip. 

 Above are some of the fossil beds.  A bit difficult to see in the photos.  These fossil are still being uncovered.  They are under a giant building to protect them.
And then on the way home we were stop by a bunch of turkeys....There must of be 20 of them.  They just kept coming.......Fun day!

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