Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Frustration and New Girls.

I don't know how many of you are signed up with the Yahoo Groups, but what is going on at the moment is a right pain in the ol' behind!  For those of you who are not on the Yahoo Groups...thank your lucky stars.  Yahoo has decided that the Groups need an update.  You must understand...none of the members of these groups (and there is a lot of them) didn't want things to change, we were all quite happy with the way things were going.  We could chat with other people....post photos, edit photos....delete photos, find files, all that stuff.  It was simply and enjoyable experience.  Now this so-called "New and Improved" version has brought 90% of all that to a halt.  Yahoo hasn't finished loading the changes and not all groups are switched over as yet.....Yahoo has left all the groups in limbo and we have limited abilities at the moment and it's not fun.  The chatter has also dropped because people can't figure out how to even post.  This is total incompetence at it's best.  I keep telling myself....patience...but I have to admit, I'm beginning to run out of it.  Finish the job Yahoo or put the old format back!

Now for some happiness.....I have finished several new dolls lately, many have already been adopted, but I thought I'd show them to you anyway, because it's fun to look at dolls...they make you smile and feel good.....everything has been listed in my online store and many on Ebay.   Unfortunately I can't post any photos to the Yahoo Groups....because...read the first paragraph again.....;-)
 The Long Face Jumeau
 Aiko....She is so cute!
 Bru 13
 Bru Shandele
 EJ Jumeau
Tete Jumeau

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