Sunday, 15 September 2013


I have been working on this for quite some time....a good 5 months or so.  Santa and friend are a wedding gift for my hubby niece.  IMHP!  Which stands for...I made...he paid.  When Julie and Dwayne got married, they didn't want any gifts...big bummer for me.  After the wedding I decided I didn't like that....I wanted to make them something that they couldn't get anywhere else.  So I got thinking...poo on that, I'm going to ask her what she would like and if she doesn't tell me....I'll make her what I want to.  So the next time we saw Julie I asked her...."What would you like as a wedding gift from Jerry and I?"  She hesitated a little....then I said, "if you don't tell me, then I'll make you want I want to make you."  That did it...."I'd like one of your Santa' traditional colors."  So I started in on her Santa the next day and this is the finished product.  After seeing the finished project I decided I needed one for myself....So I guess I'll start another one!  Santa stands 26 inches tall, I used red upholstery fabric for the main portion of his suit, trimmed it in white beaver.  The inset fabric down the sides of the pants, the sleeves of his jacket and above the fur trim on his hat, is a beaded moss green ribbon anchor a wider golden ribbon.  Three large leather buttons down the front of his jacket.  His hair and bread are white mohair.  His bag of toys is a coordinating upholstery fabric.  The tops of his shoes are painted with poinsettias and the bottom of each shoe is painted with a Christmas Tree.  Little Smiling Jenny is wearing a red outfit and matching hat made by SassySusie, she also has on red leather lace-up boots. 

"Laying his finger aside of his nose......"

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  1. How gorgeous is this?!! It would have to be Christmas all year round if I had these two wonderful dolls!