Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Garden

I've been working on a display in my studio.  First, I had to find several prints that would blend with each other in a 108 inch spand. Let hunt was on!  I went to Hobby Lobby and started pulling different prints and placing them next to each other to make sure they would work well as one back drop.  I had them all lined up so I could step back and take a look.  I'm sure the people at Hobby Lobby weren't all that thrilled, but I put everything back so they didn't say much.  Then I bought foam boards.  Took everything home and glued the prints down on the foam board.  A garden needs grass.....off to Maynard's for "grass".....Finally I worked over the next couple of weeks adding flowers, swings and little details to make the display come to life.  It turned out wonderful and it makes the perfect photo background for girls that are 14 inches or smaller.  Too fun...Next is "Bea's Cafe."  Bea needs a remodel....after moving a couple of times, it's time to spruce things up at Bea's!

This is the full display.....my girls love their garden....so many things to see and girls to visit.
 The far left hand side of the display....Marilyn (bru) is located art the far left, Lily is at the fence visiting with Aiko.  Jackie is in the blue dress.  Little Lou stop her bike ride to visit a bit with Yvette...Poko is in the basket on Little Lou's bike.
This is the far right side of the display....Fripon is greeting Lisa May and Kathy is making sure he doesn't jump and stain her dress.
 Middle portion of the display....Charmine (back) is sitting on the garden swing getting ready to eat her apple, while Yvette pets Poko.
 Another view of the right side of the display.
 Ali shows Marilyn her little Googliwog as they discuss whether they should go to lunch at Bea's.
 Lily and Aiko are also trying to decide where to go for lunch.


  1. I keep coming back to see this amazing display and your gorgeous dolls. I MUST have an Aiko someday soon! ~ Melinda