Monday, 27 January 2014

Busy time.....

Good afternoon all.  Bringing you up-to-date on things at The Doll Lady, Inc. and a bit of our personal life......Jerry and I went to Colorado for Christmas and spent our time visiting with Jerry's brother, Don.  Don is a musician and also does a lot of his own writing and arrangements.  We didn't get to see the deer like we did last year.  The weather cooperated on the way out there and on the way back.  The 24th was my Birthday....I remember when I was a lot....and I mean a lot younger, my Dad told me, "You will reach a time in your life, that your Birthday is just another day."  As a child, I couldn't imagine that to be true, but I have to admit, now that I'm one year shy of going on Medicare....he was right.  It was just another day.  Jerry took me out for breakfast and then we took a drive.  When we returned to Norfolk it was time for dinner and we went to Napole's Italian Restaurant.   The animals were very happy to see us when we got home, especially my little Rose.  She is really showing her age more and more, but she still gets around OK, isn't in pain and knows what time dinner is served.  I sure do love that little dog.  I've been working on some new girls...I'll bet that doesn't surprise you.  Also a little guy, named Alex.  He is really cute.  I put a funky wig on him for something seems to suit him.   He's got a great personality too.  Also took some new photos of Brooke....the last set of photos just didn't do her justice.  She's a very cute little girl but it was hard to tell until these latest photos.  Carrie is another little sweetheart as is Aiko and her brother Akio.  Oh and not to forget Miss Bellette, I've always loved this girl.  She is such a beautiful Jumeau mold.  I also finished my 2014 Valentine's Days Premiere.  Who has already found a home.   You may view additional photos on my website: ---link available on my blog.

 Aiko is wearing a red Suzie Wong style dress, she has a beautiful mohair wig and brown eyes.
 Her brother, Akio had on a two-piece gold and black outfit, mohair wig and dark brown eyes.
 Bellette is her lovely self.  Dark green eyes and an auburn human hair wig.
 One Brooke's new photos....
 This is sweet eyes and a pale blonde mohair wig.
 This is Alex....his sister, Ali is watching him very closely.....
2014 Valentine's Day Premiere was created from the Seeley Premiere mold.


  1. Thank you, Candy!
    It's 4a.m. here and we've been up all night with our old dog. He died half an hour ago - peacefully, at home, with no awful decision at the vet to be made, but we are still a little sad and your lovely photos gave me something wonderful to take my mind of sorrow.
    Your kids are a joy to behold, as always.
    Jenni xx

  2. Jennie, so very sorry to hear your sad news. At least he was home with you and your hubby. I can't imagine the amount of tears we must have shed. My thoughts are with you....Candy