Friday, 28 December 2012

A New Girl...

I went down to the studio yesterday and worked a bit.  Finished up a few repair projects that I had started before we left for Colorado.  One is a surprise for this gentleman's Mom.  She's 86 and in a retirement home.  She had this doll that needed some major help, all broken apart.  I did all the gluing work before we left on our trip.  That aloud everything to sit up before I put her back together.  Finished up a couple of other repairs too and then put a little Unmarked French together.  She turned out so pretty.  I usually finish these girls off with darker hair, but I was in one of my moods to try something different.  I grabbed a beautiful light blond, mohair wig from Bravot.  She looks least her kiln Mom thinks so.   She is not yet listed in my online store, but will get to that soon.  Right now I'm enjoying looking at her.

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