Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Happy December!

WOW...time has just flown by these last 3 weeks.  I've been working on some new dolls that I hope to have complete late this month or the first of the year.   All the Holiday stuff tends to throw out any good intentions I might have, but that's one of things I love about Holiday time....from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year's....this time of the year can be frantic.  This year, at least for me, it's been a really nice and happy time.  Jerry and I don't exchange gifts.......So you could say, hubby and I are not on a first name basis with Walmart....have you seen that place these days?  Holy Cow!  Talk about a bunch of people....and grumpy people at that.  OK...back to Holiday time....This year I decorated the house for Christmas.   It's all been done in red and green and it's  joyful!  I had never decorated our home until this year so this has been fun experience.  In the past I've always decorated "the store" and the thought of decorating the store AND the house was far too much more my mind to wrap around, let alone actually do....but this it was just our home.  We sold all the old Christmas decorations when we moved from MO, so I was able to do new.  I didn't go totally crazy this year, after all, there is always next year.  Hubby had never decorated anything accept a Christmas tree, so this is all new to him and I'm not sure he knew what to expect, but even he is enjoying the seasonal decor.  Not participating the the 'normal' hustle and bustle of the season, gives one a different prospective.  I find myself just enjoying the time of year....no pressure, just pure enjoyment.  I love the decorations, I even enjoy the crowds of people in the stores.  I find humor in things that I wouldn't normally find humor in like the amount of traffic.  So 2012 Christmas has turned out to be peaceful one, full of the joy, laughter and a real real appreciation for the overall beauty of the season.  Happy Holiday's everyone...and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....Chill and enjoy!

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  1. your blog is looking lovely ,love your dolls fran